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TLA History

  • Prevent further loss of tallgrass prairie
  • National recognition as a producer-driven, landscape scale initiative, designed for private landowners to voluntarily, with agency assistance, manage the remaining Kansas Tallgrass Prairie in a manner that fiscally supports the ranching culture and does so in an ecologically sound manner, precluding any further listing of tallgrass species under the Endangered Species Act.
  • Develop specific Farm Bill policies for tallgrass prairie.
  • Develop a tallgrass conservation easement program in Kansas.
  • Provide better utilization of existing programs for the benefit of Kansas tallgrass prairie.
  • Facilitate public awareness of the benefits provided by Kansas tallgrass prairie, such as:
    • watershed protection and resulting water quality benefits
    • economic value of the ranching industry
    • view sheds/open space vistas
    • carbon sequestering
    • cultural and historical values
    • home to numerous species of threatened plant and animal species.