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2017 Fuller Field School

Date: 08/17/17-08/18/17
Time: 8:15 a.m.
Location: Sacred Heart Church Parish Hall, Emporia, KS

Whole Life. Think. Manage. Live, Whole REJUVENATING SOIL. GROWING HEALTHY, NUTRIENT-DENSE FOOD. MANAGING WATER EFFECTIVELY. ATTRACTING ABUNDANT WILDLIFE. BUILDING RESILIENCE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. Contact: Gail Fuller fullerfarms@hotmail.com Featuring: RAY ARCHULETA Rays teaches soil health, and the principles of agroecology. Ray's enthusiasm for soil health is contagious, and his message of interconnectedness of soil and humans is one you won't want to miss. He is also a Certified Professional Soil Scientist with Soil Science Society of America. He recently moved to Missouri where he is in the process of starting his own farm. WALT DAVIS Walt has been practicing Holistic Management practices since before the term was coined. He is also the author of 3 books, "How Not To Go Broke Ranching", "The Green Revolution Delusion", and "The Gathering At Oak Creek". Walt pulls no punches when it comes to discussing problems with the current agriculture production model. After almost going broke following the advice of high tech agriculture experts, he spent years developing a biological approach to ranching based on planned grazing management. Dr. Don Huber Don has had a long career focused on plant physiology, microbiology and pathology, in academia at Purdue University, as well as in the military where he served in sensitive areas such as global epidemiology, national production capabilities and national security. He taught, researched and published at Purdue University for thirty-five years. His field: soil-borne disease, physiology of disease, and microbial ecology. Dr. Huber is probably best known for his research on Glyphosate and its affects on the soil and human micro biome.

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